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KSPH&IDCL has been awarded CIDC Vishwakarma Award 2017 for Achivement Award for Best Professionally Managed Company in Category III - Turnover INR 100-500 Crores.
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KSPH&IDCL has been awarded CIDC Vishwakarma Award 2017 for Achivement Award for Best Construction Project for Fast Track Construction Technology for Mysore Project.
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KSPH&IDCL has been awarded the 4th CIDC Vishwakarma Award 2012 under the category 'Achievement for Best Project' for 'Police Model Flats built in just 15 days' using EPS based pre-fab fast track construction technology.
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KSPH&IDCL is certified to ISO 9001-2008 for its Quality Management System.
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KSPH&IDCL is adopting following technologies in construction:


This Corporation is engaged in construction of residential & non residential buildings for Police, Prisons, Fire & Emergency Services.

  • Pearl Miihome technology from Australia:

    The KSPHCL with the joint venture of Pearl Miihome constructed a 2 PC qtrs in Audugodi using Australian Technology within 15 days time and 2 Fire Officers qtrs in Rajajinagar using Australian Technology within 17 days time its Technical Specifications as below. The innovation lies in a unique system of panels, composed of an expanded polystyrene core sandwiched between two steel plates of 0.5mm thickness. Structurally bonded EPS & the steel sheet panels create a seamless, high performance building envelope that replaces traditional frames, trusses, brickwork, plasterboard and insulation. Engineered lintels are incorporated in the panels to take roof loads where ever required. Windows and door frames – complete with architraves and reveals – are pre-fitted at the factory. The roof and ceiling panels feature a high tensile COLORBOND steel exterior, and a pre-painted COLORBOND steel underside. A slip joint in each wall panel, as well as top and bottom plate sections and integrated joint sections, completes the structural system. Fastened like this the walls and ceilings are perfectly straight and are resistant to bowing, shrinkage and weathering.

  • Baupanels technology from Spain:

    The KSPHCL with the joint venture of Spain Company constructed a 2 PC qtrs in Audugodi using Baupanels Technology within 90 days time and its Technical Specifications as below. BAUPANEL is a construction structural system based on a set of undulated expanded polystyrene panels backed on both sides with a basic reinforcement consisting of highly resistant steel mesh and corrugated bars attached to one another by electrically welded steel connector rods. These panels are installed on site in accordance with the layout of walls, partition walls and beams in the design and are fitted “in situ” by shotcreting with a mechanical or pneumatic projection tool. The panels thus fit in with the structural elements in the vertical and horizontal enclosures of the building. The load-bearing capacity should be calculated in accordance with the code requirements for structural concrete. This system uses wet-mix joints as the join between the different elements in the system is continuous. Thus there are no horizontal or vertical joints once the concrete has been sprayed. BAUPANEL is an open system as it can be combined with other traditional and non-traditional construction systems such as one-way or waffle slabs, semi resistant joists, hollow-core slabs, in-situ slabs, or metal joists. These panels are placed on site, according to the walls layout, partitions and slabs according to the project design.

  • New generation house constructed by using Foam Concrete with Light gauge steel sections:

    The KSPHCL constructed a 2 PC qtrs in Audugodi using Foam Concrete with Light gauge steel sections Technology within 60 days time and its Technical Specifications as below. The building is made of Galvanized Light Gauge (LGS) steel frarne structures which are assembled as per the required dimensions. The supers structure comprises of walls, truss, joists, stair case and roof structure. The LGS frames are assembled and then erected on the foundation, comprising of Two course of RR masonry and 300 thick RCC plinth beam. The building consists of ground and first floor only. The light weight foam concrete is being used for construction of infill walls (mixture of cement, fine aggregate, fly ash and foaming agent in a desired ratio, the mixed foam concrete is in the form of stiff slurry). The foam concrete is pumped into the gap of LGS frames which are covered on both sides by appropriate removable type of shuttering. The density of the foam concrete used in this building is about 1000 to l180 Kg/Cum. The de-shuttering is carried out after 24 hours of concreting and the foarn concrete is allowed to Self cure. The thickness of all these walls is about125mm thick. The first floor of the building is provided with parallel chord LGS roof joists, for supporting metal deck sheet and flooring concrete. The LGS joists are fixed on the walls and the metal deck sheets fixed on joists and then provided with steel reinforcement. The in-situ concrete (M20) is poured on the metal deck sheet and allowed to cure for a minimum period of 14 days. The thickness of roof slab is varying from 75 mm to 125 mm. (variation is due to profile of decking sheet). For aesthetic look, the ceiling is provided with 8 rnm thick cement fibre board which is fitted to the joist.

  • Aerocon panel based construction:

    The KSPHCL constructed a 2 PC qtrs in Audugodi using Aerocon panel based Technology within 60 days time and its Technical Specifications as below. The main frame work of the building is done by erecting series of steel columns Connected to pedestals at the bottom & steel truss / steel beam at the top. Steel columns and beams will take care of the entire building load. Pre fabricated Aerocon wall panels are erected over the steel beams connected to the columns and plinth beam at floor level. The Aerocon panel is a building material certified as a Green product by IGBC. These panels are manufactured from the non toxic material such as Fly ash, which is a recycled waste & further precious water is not required either during construction or for curing purposes. Aerocon panel are highly energy efficient, as they are poor conductors of heat. Therefore heating and cooling systems in a building made with Aerocon Panels are more effective and use less energy. Aerocon Panels are ideal as walls, partitions, mezzanine flooring, ceilings and prefab structures for low cost housing. Aerocon Panels are environmental friendly, sturdy, quick and cost-effective. Aerocon panels are a result of our commitment to create greener buildings. HIL’s award-winning R&D breakthrough, Aerocon panels are slim, lightweight wall panels that perfectly substitute plasterboard, plywood, particleboard and brickwalls because of their sheer strength. Their low weight, ductility, fire and moisture-resistance properties make them hardy survivors of climatic and accidental disasters. Being pre-fabricated, they are also easy to install and reduce construction time by 80%. Door consists of Eco Friendly composite materials WPC-Door frames with Veneer/ HDF sandwich composite doors/shutters. Windows are conventional aluminium frame with glazed sliding shutters.

  • Finish Profiles Building:

    The KSPHCL constructed ITC/GIS Technology for Centre for Forest Department in Malleshwaram, Bangalore using Finish Profiles Building Technology within 60 days time and it’s Technical Specifications as below. Simple cement foundation. Assembling the steel frames. Installing truss and Installing FPI special rabat steel cladding. Insulated Interior wall with cement fiber board and insulated exterior wall with thick rockwool. Installing FPI roof system with corrugated sheets. UPVC windows & Doors used for construction.


A structure in which all the components like walls, slabs, staircases, sunshades etc are cast monolithically at one time using one homogenous material-Concrete. Key components like walls, columns, beams, floor slabs, staircases, balconies, openings, hoods, storage lofts, etc., are monolithically concreted in-situ. No need of bricks, blocks and plastering. It demands least quality control on site. Because of reduced dead load, superstructure and foundation cost are minimized without compromising on strength. Excellent finished surface avoids expensive plastering and enhances a relatively water resistant surface. All services like Electrical, Plumbing & Sanitary are embedded before concreting which avoids breaking & making of structures. This Technology has impacted on improvement to service delivery and efficiency.

This technology is adopted in Police Gruha 2020 in Mysore,Chamaraja nagar,Mandya,Tumkur and Hassan District.


Precast concrete is a construction product produced by casting concrete in a reusable mold or "form" which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and lifted into place. In contrast, standard concrete is poured into site-specific forms and cured on site.

Advantages of Technology :
  • High Quality & Faster Completion.
  • Less men power mobilization.
  • Less men power less accidents.
  • Less formwork & scaffoldings required.
  • Can work in any Weather condition.
  • Very less wet works on site.
  • Considerably less water requirement.

This technology is adopted in Police Gruha 2020 in Banglore city.


Till about thirty years back, the areas around our home and offices used to be unpaved and the rain falling on these areas would percolate into the soil and remain there for being drawn through shallow open wells. With the proliferation of flat complexes, not only have these areas been paved and percolation of rainwater into the soil almost totally stopped, the quantity of water drawn from the soil below has increased manifold. Consequently open wells and not-so-deep bore wells started drying up. The reason is that no sincere attempt is made to replenish the ground watertable with rainwater during the monsoon season.

As individuals, groups and communities, let us all wake u before it is too late and not only understand what rainwater harvesting is all about but also implement measures to harvest rainwater is our houses and flat complexes and put it into the soil for our subsequent use.

KSPH&IDCL has taken a decision to implement Rain Water Harvesting in all its ongoing constructions steps have been taken to collect the water falling on the roofs and areas surrounding the buildings and use them to recharge the existing wells, aquifers etc.

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